PROJECT TITLE: Remote monitoring and telemedicine treatment for patients



    IPMIT d.o.o. (Lead Partner)

    Nova Vizija d.d. (consortium partner)

    Medicina Iljaž d.о.о.о. (consortium partner)


    € 1,158,220.10 (grants € 492,816.62)


    7.2.2018 – 6.2.2020


    In 2018, IPMIT d.o.o. together with the consortium partners Nova Vizija d.d. and Medicina Iljaž d.o.o. successfully applied to the Public Call for Incentives for Research and Development Projects 2 with the project Remote Monitoring and Telemedicine Treatment for Patients.

    The main product of the RRI project is the system for remote monitoring and telemedicine treatment of patients (SOSTOP). There are several devices available in the world for capturing measurements from vital data sensors and sensors, and transferring them to clouds or back-up systems. Therefore, we will upgrade our product with features that it shows to be of paramount importance: GUI to achieve an appropriate user experience, achieving an adequate level of security, and supporting more users to reduce the cost of the service. Within the project, the transition, which already has two of the three properties listed above (GUI, Purpose), will be upgraded so that it also enables automatic identification of the patient (eg using biometric methods).

    According to the known data, there is currently no device in the world for taking measurements from vital data meters and sensors to enable voice control and messaging. In order to improve user experience (chronic illness is most common in the elderly population), voice management and communication is a welcome feature of the device that the patients are handling. Within the project we will upgrade the transition with this functionality.

    Through the project, using the established standard FHIR, we will integrate the transition of the VitaBits solution with the back office ambulant information system of the IS ProMedica company Nova Vizija, which also includes support for reference clinics. The solution will be designed so that it can also be marketed independently without an outpatient system. It may also be integrated into other outpatient and hospital systems.

    Figure 1: Components of the remote monitoring system and telemedicine treatment of patients.

    The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. Additional note: For more information on EU funds, see the link to the European Cohesion Policy website in Slovenia