In managing the portfolio of projects, we often face a number of challenges: management does not have realistic information in deciding on important projects, a large number of projects are in progress, which can not be done with existing resources, there is often an increase in the originally planned costs and delays in the implementation of projects, the actual results of the projects are not in line with the planned results and the planned added value; there is no control over the occupancy and resource efficiency; and availability for new projects, the work processes in the organization are not optimal.

    On the other hand, projects should contribute to the achievement of strategic goals. The solution brings project implementation strategies. Selected projects must be complementary to each other, thus bringing synergy effects, which enables an efficient portfolio of projects to be managed.

    In IPMIT, on the basis of many years of experience, we have developed a method of establishing project management, based on the process of selecting projects in the project portfolio. Through the registration of projects (existing and potential) in the organization and the optimization of the extended portfolio of projects in relation to the set strategies and criteria, we learn about the existing system of project management, which is the subject of optimization. Firstly we learn about your specifics, challenges and requirements and on the basis of this, we prepare proposals for possible solutions in the field of project implementation.

    Together we develop the process of auditing and re-optimizing the portfolio. Then we can help you with the launch of projects or we just work together to set up a project management system. In the proposed solutions we preserve your existing good practices and add simple, efficient and tailor-made solutions that are usually focused on the establishment / improvement of your project organization and / or the establishment / improvement of project management procedures.

    In the context of project management we provide the following services for you:

    • Project planning, management and control
    • Consulting and mentoring in project management
    • Implementation of an information solution to support project management
    • Training of project management personnel to facilitate the transition to a new way of work
    • Establishment and execution of project office tasks
    • Development and administration of methodologies, methods and techniques in the field of project management
    • Preparation of Project Management Documentation




    successfully implemented projects in the area of Project Management.