Most investments begin with an idea or strategic initiative, which is usually just a high level outline of the desired results and does not define any details that contribute to an efficient performance of the investment project. Best practices, legislation and the desire to achieve the best possible results dictate a systematic investment approach that begins prior to the actual implementation of investment activities with an evaluation and comparison of different possible investment implementation scenarios that is based on an analysis of their costs and benefits, time constraints, legal aspects and various financing models.

    For the evaluation and development of investment ideas, IPMIT has in recent years formed competent team of experts from various fields, e.g. economics, finance, project management, law, organizational science and IT. We are using a systematic approach for evaluating ideas and offering complete consulting services for investment implementation based on best practices, our own experience, applicable legislation and customer’s needs.

    With our assistance your ideas will become thoughtful, practical and conceptually meaningful investment projects, which will constitute a solid foundation for your successful business in the future. Even in initial phases, your projects will be well-considered, well-structured and manageable and their results will be measurable.

    Within the field of business studies, we can assist you during preparation, evaluation or revision of:

    • Strategic and business plans
    • Business models and initiatives for public private partnerships
    • Feasibility studies for investment projects
    • Investment documentation prepared according to valid legislation
    • Financial and economic analysis
    • Action plans for major projects.




    successfully implemented projects in the area of
    Business Studies.