Processes in an organization can be essential or supporting, they may have multiple branches, they can be complex and we may be able to control them – or sometimes not entirely. However, everyone usually agrees that the processes could be faster, better and have a greater added benefit to business efficiency and ultimately success.

    Business process optimization is a method of improving the operations of an organizational system. It is analysis, simulation and change of existing processes of an organizational system. Optimization of business processes however may include their complete rearrangement or even redefinition from scratch. The goals are: reducing the time it takes for a process to be executed, reducing costs, increasing quality of products and services, reducing delivery time, increasing productivity, reducing resource use and optimal organization.

    Business process optimization often causes a reorganization of the business. Organization must be aligned with the renewed processes if we want to reap full benefits.

    IPMIT has over a decade of experience in business process analysis, optimization, management and informatization. We can provide you the following services:

    • Revision of overall business process maturity and business process management practices
    • Present state business process capture, graphical modelling and analysis
    • Optimization of business processes
    • Preparations of requirement specifications and design of proposed system for managing and executing business processes
    • Education of employees for managing and modelling business processes
    • Preparation or adjustment of business process optimization and management methodologies
    • Establishing a system of business process performance measuring
    • Implementation of complete systems for business process management




    successfully implemented projects in the area of Business process optimization.



    Business process optimization is usually followed by process informatization. In this crucial step we can aid you with preparation of requirement specifications, system design, selection of appropriate developers or vendors as well as support during the implementation phase and introduction of new solutions to employees.

    IPMIT is specialized for business process present state capture, modelling, optimization and informatization in medium to high complexity environments. Teamed with you we can optimize your processes in a way which increases their efficiency, removes bottlenecks, reduces costs, increases quality and establishes the need for new information support. We use modern methods and tools for process capture, optimization, informatiozation and management of business processes. We treat business process optimization efforts as a project, which we help you manage from initial concepts to implementing new processes in day to day business.