Have you also got a number of issues when you were trying to introduce or update your information system in the company:

    • What impact will replacement of ERP have on our Information system?
    • Which business processes will be affected if we replace the most important CRM application in our company?
    • Is our information system ready for renewed digital strategy, introduction of new products and expansion to the new markets? Where are the gaps and what processes should we adapt?
    • How to keep a clear overview of all the integrations, services and data sources within the company while introducing a complex application in manufacturing system that needs a lot of data from our existing information system?
    • How to obtain or maintain a full insight into all processes, costs, suppliers, and interdependence when we optimize IT service management processes?
    • How to determine which business processes and parts of the information system duplicate, overlap, and which are missing in case of merging companies?
    • Does your applications cover related or even the same functional areas and business capabilities and would you like to optimize them and lower costs?

    Nowadays, with increasingly complex business information systems, we can no longer answer above questions and give credible answers without mastering Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Architecture Capability.

    Managing Enterprise Architecture is a process of continuous adaptation of information system to the business strategy. Within this framework, a clear structure, documentation and repository of all parts of architecture is generated from organizational, process, application, data and infrastructure viewpoint. Through various views of architecture, we can respond to the complex issues of modern organizations.

    We offer the following services for your business:

    • Advising on the establishment of Enterprise Architecture (EA) capability in the company (processes, organization, stakeholders, tools) and in the definition of an EA framework.
    • Preparation of an EA Maturity Assessment in a company.
    • Advising on planning the future architecture of the EA, which will enable the realization of the business strategy.
    • Preparation of analyzes and modeling the current state of the architecture. Performing analyzes and modeling the target state of the architecture (including intermediate increments). Focusing on business architecture, application architecture and information architecture.
    • Preparation of analyzes for specific situations from the perspective of EA and advice on planning and implementation of new processes, solutions (eg. Introduction of a new product, introduction of a new information system, merging integration of information systems for several companies). Consulting on Solution Architecture Level.
    • Specialized, tailor-made and tailor-made consulting from EA to CIO level or IT management level.




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