When planning and implementing IT projects, we often face challenges arising from:

    • under-estimated costs of the project in its early stages,
    • incomplete requirements and specifications,
    • lack of end users involvement,
    • absence of time, qualitative and cost control,
    • inadequate professional composition of the project team,
    • inadequate communication on the project,
    • lack of management support and sponsorship,
    • differences between client expectations and supplier’s understanding of the requirements,
    • setting unrealistic deadlines or
    • inappropriate choice of technology.


    IPMIT uses many years of experience in the field of complex IT projects implementation to help you deal with the above mentioned challenges. Successful project implementation is based on adequate project preparation and planning, team selection and quality of ongoing management of the project risks and changes. Moreover, projects, products and implementation of IT projects are relatively specific. It is advisable for the client, who does not work primarily in the IT field, to seek support from an expert with experience on such projects.

    IPMIT services are adapted to the current stage of your IT project life cycle. We can help you at the very early stages of the project and IT solutions planning. You can also engage IPMIT with the selection of external providers, managing contractual relationships, providing quality of project results and project management.

    Within the complete support to the IT projects realization, we provide:

    • IT projects investment planning (feasibility studies, investment plans, investment documentation),
    • elaboration of action plans for complex IT projects,
    • analysis and design of IT projects and solutions,
    • consulting with the selection of external contractors,
    • consulting with defining contractual relationships,
    • advice on IS development methodologies,
    • development of IT solutions together with partners,
    • consulting with management of external contractors for IT projects,
    • providing quality control of project results,
    • introduction of IT solutions,
    • analysis of the project results usage and effectiveness measurement of the project results,
    • management and coordination of complex IT / IS projects.




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    Complete support to IT projects realization.