Public procurement is an important part of economic activity in Slovenia. Public procurement contracts amount to between 7 and 10% of gross domestic product. Although this is an area that has been regulated in detail by positive legislation it still presents a challenge to public contracting authorities, especially regarding implementation of larger public procurement contracts. Public procurement documentation should allow the tenderers to prepare a high quality tender. Criteria and conditions must comply with applicable laws and not restrict competition.They must ensure the selection of the most advantageous tender. The documentation must pass rigorous quality control to minimize the likelihood of founded review claims.

    In scope of public procurement consulting we offer assistance with implementing all of the steps of a public procurement procedure:

    • Advice on the choice of the procurement procedure
    • Assistance with the execution of the procurement procedure
    • Advising on determining the conditions and criteria
    • Drafting of contract documents or invitation to tenderers
    • Preparation of revision of tender documents
    • Preparation to publish all types of procurement information notices
    • Drafting replies to the questions of potential tenderers in the preparation of tender
    • Preparation of draft responses to any review claims
    • Help in assessing the tenders received under the authority of the public contracting authority
    • Advising and conducting negotiations with or without prior publication of a contract notice in each of the public procurement procedures
    • Resolving questions of procedure in each stage of the procurement procedure




    successfully implemented projects in the area of Public Procurement and Public Private Partnership.



    Implementation of public-private partnership is based on the needs of the public interest. Such projects are intended for construction, maintenance or operation of public infrastructure or related to the implementation of economic and other public services.

    With our experience in the field of public-private partnerships and skills, which were obtained in related fields, we can help in the realization of investment ideas and through various models of public-private partnership. In addition to advising and assisting in choosing the appropriate model, we can help with preparation of initiatives for public-private partnership and the implementation of the preliminary procedure, the invitation to tender and in the process of selecting a private partner and the conclusion of the public private partnership, including the preparation of appropriate legal bases.